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Prerequisite TOEFL Course

Course Overview

Pre-TOEFL is not an official test. This course is recommended to help low level English students to reach the TOEFL Course beginning level of 450. We will first determine your deficiencies by diagnostic test and then assign classes to improve your unofficial score.

Who Should Train:
Students and professionals who are required to pass the TOEFL at a level designated by a university or institution and whose English level is below 449 TOEFL Level.

How You Will Train:

  • Take a diagnostic test to determine level
  • Prepare an objective to reach the minimum score 450 to begin TOEFL preparation
  • Attend group and computer laboratory English classes
  • Attend group and individual English lectures
  • Take practice test; debrief results, retest, debrief until desired level reached
  • There is no Official test for Pre-TOEFL.
  • Ameritech schedules your TOEFL training course

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