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English for Professionals

Ameritech uses an Anglo-Saxon approach in its business English curriculum reinforcing the four basic business principles: customer service, business communications, “working” in English and dealing with Anglophone situations in high tech environments.

Course Overview

Managers and professionals at minimum TOEFL level 401 and must learn:

Who Should Train:

  • How to “Work in English” as a manager or a professional
  • Improve English skills in basic Anglophone business concepts
  • Practice English and use Anglophone Customer Service/Business Communications techniques

How You Will Train:

  • Take an assessment test to determine beginning level
  • Enroll in three, six or nine month program based on objective
  • Begin classes days, evenings or weekends
  • Earn certificate by level

Course Curriculum:

  • Focus on professional business English Skills
  • Business Calls – Learn practical ways of improving telephone skills
  • Use effective questioning and how to record accurate messages, organized and reliable
  • Business Words – Improve efficiency of your organizations written communications
  • Learn how to create clear, concise, effective business letters/memos, e.g., compliments, sales, finance or company policy
  • Business Communications / Presentations – Speak without flaws and without making mistakes
  • Develop / deliver and defend effective, focused communications, presentations, that are, relevant, compelling
  • Master written, oral and conversation skills

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